We get mail.  Both email and the U.S. Postal Service kind. We still try to answer every letter. We discuss issues with people who want to have a discussion. We also get phone calls. Thanks for the input. We value every letter, every call.

One of our web site goals is to elicit discussion of Sacred Name Movement errors. Almost every day our mail indicates we are succeeding in this area.

Our mail further shows that a few people are being convinced by one means or another to come out and/or to stay out of the Sacred Name Movement. For any small part we may have had in this, we are thankful. The Sacred Name Movement is just another wing of religious Babylon. God's people are still heeding his directive to, " Come out of her my people."

We get letters from folks who encourage us to continue this work. We get letters from people who need us to supply them with more focused information. Some need their personal situation addressed. They need help.

We also get letters wanting to discuss points we have published on the web sites. Some want to take exception to things we have written. We are OK with that. We expect it.

Flamers - internet jargon for one shot insult letters - comprise a percentage of our mail. We have included two or three of these. They are the, "You are stupid, your mother doesn't love you, and your feet stink" kind. Hey, we can take it. We have come to expect it. If that is what God has someone doing, who are we to complain? It keeps them off the street.

We get there-isn't-enough-love letters. Some of these want to be pen pals to us. Some seem to think that if they will just love us enough and send us enough cute little stories, we will take down the web site which so distresses them. Well, it just aint going to happen like that.

Whatever your letter, whatever your motive for writing it, be sure it is appreciated. It's feedback. Without it we are not aware of who we are touching.