One of the most absurd of the claims made by sacred name movement teachers is that the complete New Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language. Nothing could be further from the truth. This claim is made without so much as a shred of empirical evidence. Even so, such an untenable position is thrust upon these teachers as necessary to support the primary doctrine of the movement.


In truth, the New Testament was originally written in Greek. Paul, Peter, James, John, Luke, and others wrote the name of our Savior in a language not Hebrew. If these men were permitted, inspired even, to write the name in Greek, we are also permitted to write and speak the name in our native language. The historical fact is this: the New Testament was written in Greek. Therefore, the doctrine of the Hebrew only sacred name is made invalid. This conclusion will be reached by even the most casual thinker who has the facts at his or her disposal. Therefore, sacred name movement teachers are compelled to fight a futile battle against an obviously original Greek New Testament.