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In this study, we have found that many sacred name movement assemblies and individuals have over the years promoted the false teaching that the word Jesus is in some way connected to the word Zeus. We have studied who teaches it and how and where they teach it. Many within the Movement still believe and promote this teaching.

We have further studied the historical derivation of the name of Jesus. It is the English form of the Greek of our Savior's name used by the Writers of the New Testament.

Many have been the errors of the sacred name movement since its inception in the early second quarter of the twentieth century. There are some serious and pivotal errors taught within the movement. Adherents to and promoters of the Jesus = Zeus theory are some of the most fanatical and harsh people within the movement.

No teaching of this religious persuasion is more obviously false than this one. When I was in grammar school, children would say of any falsehood, “That is just a bare faced lie.” The sacred name movement teaching that the name Jesus is in some way connected with or derived from the name of the Greek idol god Zeus is exactly that, a bare faced lie.

Note: Quotations from Sacred Name sources and others have been edited for spelling.


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