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Many sacred name movement people believe and openly propagate the myth that the name of Jesus is in some way connected with or derived etymologically from the name Zeus. Some believe it, but know it cannot be substantiated by research and are silent about it.  The more knowledgeable people within the movement openly deny the truth of it. Some of these seem to want to pretend the myth was never taught by the early movers and shakers of the movement and is not now being taught within the movement. These certainly resent it being brought up and talked about by one outside the movement.

I have been derisively and insultingly told, “That Eeyaezus [Jesus?] has nothing to do with Zeus is your greatest intellectual hurdle.” This is from an otherwise intelligent man who wanted to discuss the doctrine of the revelation of the sacred name with me on a higher level.   Some sacred name people teach this false doctrine; some do not. Regardless of the position an individual Sacred Name person may take, this fact remains: a large segment of the movement still believes this lie. Promoting the Jesus = Zeus myth to new converts is an easy way to get them away from saying the name of Jesus. It gives them a reason to look down on, even hate, the name of Jesus. The teachers of the movement use this lie as an appeal to the need many people have to possess esoteric knowledge which gives them a superiority over others. We know more than you know and if you knew where the name of Jesus came from you wouldn't be using it, are not uncommon attitudes.

Except in the minds of numbers of sacred name people, there is absolutely no connection between the name Jesus and the name Zeus. It is easy, however, for sacred name teachers to pull this doctrinal stuffed bunny out of the sacred name movement hat and fool people into thinking it is real. It is not of any substance. It is especially easy to trick folks who are eager to believe something. Many of them are not interested in and are trained not to ask for documentation of research. You may be sure of one thing, when this mythical connection between Jesus and Zeus is put before a group of people, the sacred name teacher is casting aspersions and disdain on the name of Jesus.

Let it be stated early and with emphasis that not all sacred name people believe the name Jesus is derived from the name Zeus. It is, after all, a lie. It has no foundation in any legitimate research. The teaching is rejected by some; it should be rejected by all sacred name people. This teaching is the product of the fertile imaginations of sacred name teachers.

First, we will show that this doctrine has been taught and propagated in various sacred name publications since the early days of the sacred name movement. We may be certain that it was taught from sacred name pulpits much earlier. It is still being taught both orally and in print by numerous groups. A large majority of sacred name believers subscribe to this false teaching and promote it as though it were fact.

Second, we will show that the name Jesus has a well grounded and easily researchable etymological history. It is not now, nor has it ever been etymological connected with the name Zeus. Sacred name people might easily find this etymology, if that were their desire. Some have done so.