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Sent:   November 08, ‘02
Subject:   Thank you

I am the Pastor of a church in New England. I never heard of this movement until some gullible, off-base believer came to me and accused me of blasphemy for using the name "Jesus" instead of "the sacred name".

I thought she was a nut-case.  Upon doing some research, I found out she was not alone.

I want to thank you for your web-site. It will be helpful for me as I go about trying to bring her out of this error.

Rev. Michael Teague 

Editor's Reply:

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Sent:   November 12, ‘02
Subject: Thank you

Hello Mike,
   Thank you for the kind note. I am so glad to hear that our information has been of some help to you. Our goal is to get one more person out of the sacred name confusion. If our info can be of any help to you in this direction, we will have fulfilled our ministry in this regard.

   Blessings on you.

   Gary Mink