Upon occasion, individual sacred name people who correspond with us are offered the opportunity to write an essay to be posted on the web site. The invitation is to support, explain, or defend any of their doctrinal issues or to rebuttal any of the points made on the Sacred Name Movement Errors Web Site.

Certainly we do not agree with the points made in these essays. But, we publish them here in an attempt to let our visitors see first hand the extent of the error into which sacred name converts have sunk.

We are often falsely accused of attempting to make the sacred name doctrine out to be a spiritual monster. This page lets sacred name teachers speak for themselves. It also lets our visitors judge for themselves whether the doctrine of the sacred name with all its tentacles is a monster.



This essay was first sent to our web site with the following words of challenge:

"Read this and if you believe it to not be true have courage to post it and not supress it!! Your lack of knowledge is show in your traditionalism! YOu say that people like myself have no research sad to say post this on your site of you think the research is lacking!"

After making this sacred name teacher aware that we were interested in publishing his research, he suddenly wanted to revise it and refused even to allow his name to be associated with it.

This "research" epitomizes the kind of work sacred name teachers compile and imagine it has some great weight of proof in the direction of negating the name of Jesus.

The only thing this kind of nonsense negates is the creditability of its proponents.


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There is much controversy about the Messiah's Name these days.

Most Christians would be ready to die for the name that they have been taught to call our SAVIOR by---- JESUS.

"SOOS" in Hebrew can mean "Horse".(Strong's #5483)

Or even "JOY" (#7797)

But in Latin it has a totally different meaning.

"SUS".suis 1. Prop.: A swine,hog.pig,boar,sow:

Cic--Proverb: SUS MINERVAM, A hog teaches Minerva, i.e. an ignorant person pretends to instuct one well versed in any subject.  (Latin Dictionary)




 [ME fr.OE swin; akin to OHG swin swine LATIN -SUS--more at SOW]
 1: any of various stout-bodied short legged omnivorous mammals (family Suidae) with a thick bristly skin and long mobile snout; esp: a domesticated member of the species (Sus Scrofa) that includes the European wild boar-usu.used collectively 2: a contemptible person (Webster's Seventh New Collegate Dictionary)

The Catholic Church uses the Latin.a DEAD LANGUAGE,whose words always retain the same meaning:
1: To perserve the orginal doctrine in all it's purity;

2: To safeguard the proper Forms of the Sacraments;

(The Converts Catechism of Catholic Doctrine)

If you look you can easly see the the latin word for pig is written "SUS"! Not hard to understand is it?

According to the Catholic's the meaning in Latin DON'T CHANGE!

Now take a real hard look at this, what do Christians call their Savior?

"Je-SUS"pronounced Gee-SOOCE and this is from the Latin word/name "Ie-SUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE. The suffix is the same as the latin word for "PIG".

Did you know that there was a Celtic demon god by the name "ESUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE also know as "HESUS"pronounced He or Hey -SOOCE. This god was worship by the ancient Druids (Dictionary of Pagan Religions) page 117 and page 152

This "ESUS" was found on a relief that is on an alter of ZEUS that was found in Paris in the Roman Catholic Catedral of Notre Dame.  (Encyclopedia Brtannica Macopedia) page 575  On this relief you can see on "ESUS's chest is a CROSS.

You will also discover that in Italian the name "Je-SUS" is spelled "Gesu" "Ge" means earth(Strong's Greek #1093). EARTH -PIG!

In spanish JeSUS is pronounced HEY –SOOCE? HEY -PIG!

In English JeSUS is prnounced GEE -SOOCE

EARTH -PIG! Old english and Latin Ie-SUS is pronounced EE-SOOCE ?-PIG!

The Druid god ESUS is pronounced EE -SOOCE > > ?-PIG!

the Druid god ESUS also called HESUS pronounced He or HEY-SOOCE HEY -PIG!

These are very blasphemous names to call the sweet Savior by. YAHUWSHUA said, "I am come in my Father's NAME,and ye recieve ME not: if another shall come in his name,him YOU shall recieve.  (Jn.5:43

The Father's NAME was not and does not start with Ge,Geh.Je,Jeh,or Ye, Yeh, for that matter. The first part of His Name starts with YAH and or YAHUW (YHW). This is the same Name within The Name of our Savior YAHUW/shua.

SO HOW DID THIS GOD "ESUS" OR "HESUS" FIND IT'S WAY INTO CHURCHES? "THE CELTIC people of Gaul and Britain,south of Hadrian's wall,were conquered by the romans,and in Britain the Roman rule lasted for over 4 centuries.

The Roman conquest produced in Gaul and Britain a real assimilation to all that was Roman. The Celts especially in Gaul(old France),had many deities,... Over three hundred names of such local deities are known to have existed,most of these in Gaul,some in Britain. Hence Caesar could speak of the Gauls as worshipping Mercury,Apollo, Mars,Jupiter,Dis, and Minerva.

As time went on,and as the Celts submitted to Roman civilization, they accepted these equations. They allowed or even encouraged the Romanizing of their RELIGION as far as the deities and worship were concrned. Inded,in their growing desire for oneness with Rome,the Gauls tried hard to find as many links as possible,however slight,between their deities and those of Rome.

 (CELTIC SCOTLAND page 24) "Esus" - A Gaulish god,prob.originally a god of vegetation. He is equated with Mars or sometimes Mercury.  (WEBSTER'S NEW 20TH CENTURY DICTIONARY)

The Norse "Odinn",who on account of his ritual hanging of himself,is sometimes called God of the Rope or The Hanged. This would seem to gave him kinship with "ESUS" in whose honor sacrificial victims were hanged and,(hung in trees), in addition, there is an equation often made between "Odinn" and "Mercury".

How does HESUS or ESUS tie in with Zeus? According to BULFINCHES MYTHOLOGY, The Roman equivalent to "ODIN" is "JUPTER". Everyone knows that the Roman "JUPITER" is equivlent to the Greek "ZEUS".

There are also the phonetics to consider that are involved in the suffix of the names of ESUS or HESUS and IESUS (jesus) and the parallels of the phonetics in the name "ZEUS". Where there had been many gods men came to think there must be really only one god under a diverity of names. He had been everywhere- under an alias. The Roman "JUPITER", the Greek "ZEUS",the Babylonian"BEL-MARDUK,the Egyptian "AMMON and RA",Ammon ,who was the putative father of Alexander the old antagonist of Amenophis IV . Where there were distinct differences,the difficulty was met by saying that these were DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE SAME GOD.  (THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY) VOL 1 page 323 Masonry knows what so many forget,THAT RELIGIONS ARE MANY, BUT RELIGION IS ONE. Therefore it invites to it's altar men of all faiths,knowing that,if they use different names for THE NAMELESS ONE OF A HUNDRED NAMES, they are yet praying to ONE GOD and father of all.  ( A quote from beneath the cover of the bible that sits on the altar in >the Masonic lodge as the interductory section) RELIGION Something for ya'll to think about! You will not find the word "religion" in the Hebrew Scriptures. It's not found in the OT. If you go to the Strong's and look up this word, It gives two # for this word in five places #2356 and #2454 Greek dic. Only from the Greek translations is this word to be found and translated into English as "RELIGION". Three places in the Greek NT,in Acts.26:5, Jas.1:26,27, it's Strong's # 2356-"THRESKEIA" from a der.of 2357;ceremonial observance: religion,worshipping. Two places in the Greek NT in Gal.1:13,14, it's Strong's #2454 "IOUDAISMOS" from 2450:JUDAism,i.e. the JEWish faith and useages---JEWS RELIGION. The question this all raises in my mind, is do you have a "THRESKEIA" or a "IOUDAISMOS" (RELIGION) in your life ? As far as Hebrew goes,I don't see "RELIGION"! There is NO WORD in Hebrew for it. Doesn't this mean in Hebrew there is no such thing as "RELIGION"? So where does that leave CHRISTianity and JUDAism? Are these not "RELIGIONS"? One being "THRESKIA" ,the other being "IOUDAISMOS" = both being what we call in English "RELIGIONs"!? Is this thing called "RELIGION",an invention of mans hands in this case the invention of Greek hands or is it much older than the Greeks? Clearly the Masons Believe in RELIGION!

But that being as it may,back to the main subject at hand. ESUS and HESUS and IESUS (jesus)are so close in pronouncation phoneticlly it's real hard to miss. ESUS----ee-sooce . HESUS--he or hey-sooce. IESUS---ee-sooce. JESUS---gee-sooce> > and guess what not one of them mean SAVE or SAVIOR! THE SUFFIX OF THE SURROGATE NAMES OF THE SAVIOR We are told that the Messiah's Name in Greek is "Ie-sous" pronounced ee-ay -sooce. In Latin it's written "Ie-svs" or "Ie-sus" pronounced ee-/sooce or zus In Old English it is written also "Ie-svs" or "Ie-sus" pronounced ee-/sooce or zus In the last two hundred years this name has evolved (because of the (J) factor) to "Je-sus" pronounced Gee-/sooce or zus THESE ARE ALL CONSIDERED TO BE WHAT IS CALLED TRANSLITERATIONS! This is the means of bringing across the letters and sounds of letters from one language to another.

Unquestionably there are phonetic parallels between the sound of the name "Zeus" and the sound of the suffix of the Latin "Ie-SUS" and the English "Ie-SUS"& "Je-SUS" which are both pronounced "SOOCE" or "ZUS" in English, and this is certainly a factor to consider and keep in mind. But this is not the direction of this topic today. What I want to address is this. If you go to your dictionary and look up the word/name "SWINE" you find that in Latin the word/name SWINE is "SUS".

Excluding the Greek word/name,this Latin word for SWINE i.e. pig---"SUS" is identical in writing to the suffix of the Latin and the English transliteration "Ie-SUS" and "Je-SUS". "SUS" pronounced "SOOCE" or "ZUS" in English! In Latin it means "SWINE" i.e. PIG, and has the same sound as the Greek suffix in the word/name "Ie-SOUS" , pronounced "SOOCE" Here are some more interesting parallels In the Spanish translations of the scriptures such as in Mexico for example the name is written "Je-sus" but it is pronounced He or HEY - SOOCE. Both the suffix spelling and sound of the suffix is the same for the Latin word "SUS",which means SWINE.  (According to the dictionary this word SWINE can also mean a CONTEMPTIBLE Person) THE LITERAL WRITTEN PARALLELS ARE THERE! THE LITERAL PHONETIC PARALLELS ARE THERE!

 GE or GEO  [ME "geo", from.MF& L,from.Gk - "Ge"-"Geo",from "Ge"]


GE (je,ge) GAEA;GAIA GAEA  (Jee),Noun.  [Gr.Gaia derived from "Ge", earth] in Greek mythology the earth personified as a goddess ,mother of Uranus the Titans,etcMOTHER EARTH: identified by the Romans with Tellus: also Gala,Ge.

GEO (jeo,jee)  [Gr. "geo" derived from gaia,ge, the earth] a combining form meaning earth,as in geo/centric, geo/phyte.  (WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY) {PROPER NAME} GEORGE Gr. georgos means "EARTH WORKER"  (DICTIONARY OF FIRST NAMES) sus, sus N 3 1 NOM S C T, sus N 3 1 VOC S C T sus, suis swine; hog, pig, sow;  (Latin-English-Latin Java Dictionary with Whitaker's Wordlist) sus : swine, pig, hog.  (Lynn Nelson's Latin=English Dictionary (Hong Kong) sus, -is g.c. nomen animalis  (A Latin Dictionary of Saxo Grammaticus (medireview Latin) SWINE  [ME fr.OE swin; akin to OHG swin swine LATIN -SUS--more at SOW] 1: any of various stout-bodied short legged omnivorous mammals (family Suidae) with a thick bristly skin and long mobile snout; esp: a domesticated member of the species (Sus Scrofa) that includes the European wild boar-usu.used collectively 2: a contemptible person  (Webster's Seventh New Collegate Dictionary)

Je-SUS = earth pig