One of the keystone doctrines of the sacred name movement is that our Savior preached and taught the name Yahweh to the Jewish people of his time. One or another sacred name group may say Jesus taught one or another of the numerous possible English transliterations of YHWH. Numbers of sacred name people believe the primary mission of Jesus was bringing the name Yahweh to the world.


It is supposed that the Messiah spoke this name often to the Jewish people, taught the importance and pronunciation of this name to his followers, said it and read it when he referred to the Old Testament, and used this name when he addressed God. Sacred name teachers boldly assert that Jesus was arrested, tried, and killed because He said the name Yahweh. Are these claims true? Did Jesus ever once utter the name Yahweh? Sacred name teachers gamely admit that according to what is written in the Holy Scriptures He did not. However, they believe the Scriptures are wrong.


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